​If you have surface water on your property or high water bills we are the local experts with specialised equipment

If there is a leak between the water meter connection and your house it is your responsibility. We will provide the best and most cost effective solution

Our tradestaff are experienced in working with leak detection contractors to quickly find your leak and make necessary repairs.

Over time further leaks can occur due to expected deteriation of watermains. We will advise the most cost-effective approach to your watermain at any given time.

If you have experienced a few leaks, we will recommend a watermain replacement.

There are several methods of removing and replacing watermains, each situation will vary depending on location and infrastructure surrounding the watermain. We use highly specialised equipment like directional drilling to minimise impacts on driveways and landscaping. Where this cannot be employed, we have diggers and can arrange repairs to your paths and drives

We have a reputation for providing cost-effective long term solutions and pride ourselves on finding the most appropriate solution for our clients so you don’t waste money. We also take caution to put extra protection around newly installed watermains to extend their lifetime.

Amazing team. They responded to our call within hours. Jonathan came out to have a look at a burst water main pipe and had it fixed within half an hour. The cost of repair was on point with the quote. Will absolutely use your services again. Thanks!

Asher P
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