03 May 2020

Covid 19 Level 3 update – How we are keeping you safe

We can now return to helping you with ALL Domestic and Commercial plumbing work. We will be implementing approved Health and Safety measures to ensure we provide a safe plumbing service to all our customers. This includes the following

  1. Maintaining separation. We will keep a minimum distance of two meters
  2. Hygiene practices. In addition to wearing appropriate PPE, we will be vigilant at washing our hands
  3. Sanitizing. We will sanitise shared surfaces such as eftpos machines. We will use hand sanitizer regularly. We will minimise surface contact as much as possible.
  4. Contact tracing. We will take note of who we are in contact with each day in case of infection. This enables officials to take steps to limit further spread of the virus.
  5. Act responsibly. If we are feeling unwell, we will not work.
When one of our staff comes on to your property this is what you can expect

-Our staff will wash their hands or use hand sanitiser before entering your property

-They will not shake hands with you or touch your pets

-If working on surfaces that have been touched by you they will be wearing gloves. If this is not possible they may use sanitising wipes

What you can do to help us

-Please keep pets and children away from areas where work is being carried out

-If you are unwell please talk to our staff by phone first so we can come up with a solution for you

-If you become unwell while we are on site please let us know immediately.

By following these guidelines correctly we can work safely and effectively to ensure we maintain the health and well being of everyone.

Call 0800 12 13 12 or Email easttamaki@laserplumbing.co.nz

We are here to help in any way

Roger, Marc and the Dedicated Team at Laser Plumbing East Tamaki